Why should I choose Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Food Boxes?

  • Lightweight and leakproof, Rise Food Boxes come in multiple sizes with adjustable and removable dividers and nesting capabilities for ultimate flexibility. Keep snacks, salads, lunches and leftovers safe and secure until it’s time to dig in.
  • Lightweight design and 90% post-consumer recycled steel construction saves energy in the manufacturing process.  Rise Food Boxes are good for the environment and good for your peace of mind.
  • ·Stainless steel won’t stain rust, shatter or impart flavors.
  • Eliminate the need for single use plastics when taking meals and snacks on the go.
  • They’ll last a lifetime and can be recycled at end of life.
  • BPA, BPS, BPF and plastic free (if using without divider). 

Microwave safe! Say What!?

That’s right you read it correctly. Rise Food Boxes are specifically designed to be microwave safe with smooth rounded edges that prevent arcing or sparking. Think of it this way: forks are not microwave safe because electric current can move between the tines whereas the smooth, rounded design of a spoon doesn’t present the opportunity for arcing and sparking. Rise Food boxes are like spoons – microwave safe.  

What else do I need to know about microwaving my Rise food boxes?

  • Do not use in microwaves exceeding 1000W in power.
  • Do not exceed 5 minutes in microwave.
  • The vessel or base of the food boxes are the only components that are microwave safe. Lids and removable dividers should not be placed in the microwave. If the lid is included it will introduce the possibility of arcing/sparking between the lid and the vessel.
  • There should only be one vessel in the microwave at a time. Similar to the reasoning for not including a lid in the microwave, a second vessel would provide opportunities for sparking/arcing.
  • Make sure that the vessel is not touching the sides of the microwave.
  • Don’t forget that the contents and container may be hot so use caution.

Oven safe too? What parts are oven safe? 

  • Just the vessel/base of the food box, is oven safe up to 350F, or 176C, for up to 20 minutes. Be sure to remove the lid and/or the divider before placing the vessel in the oven.
  • The lid and the divider should not be put in the oven. Doing so can damage the lid and divider resulting in them not performing as designed.
  • The vessel is not meant for baking or cooking. It is intended for reheating food.
  • Don’t forget that the contents and container may be hot so use caution. 

Is my food box dishwasher safe? 

Absolutely! Our entire line of Rise Food Boxes, as with many of our products, are dishwasher safe. Some dishwashers run hotter than others. The vessel and lid can go anywhere in the dishwasher, but we recommend putting the divider on the top rack if possible.

What is the raised tab on the Half Snack used for? 

Good question. Some might think it is for opening the box. Nope. Peeling the corner of the box upward will work much better for that. The tab on the top of the Half Snack box is to help the user pull it out of the larger Rise food boxes that it is designed to nest within.  

Why do the Lunch, Meal and Big Meal boxes have a bendable corner on their lids?

This is so you can burp the box. When the lid is placed on the vessel, air can become trapped inside. By simply lifting the flexible corner while pressing the lid down you will ensure a tight leakproof seal. Be sure to engage the snap-and-lock tabs on the sides and you are good to go! 

Should I wash my food box before first use? 

Yes, always wash any new products prior to use. The lid and vessel are both dishwasher safe. 


Microwave safe:

  • Do not us in microwaves over 1000W.
  • Do not exceed 5 minutes in microwave.
  • Only 1 vessel in microwave at a time.
  • Do not use vessel and lid together in microwave.
  • Vessel only is microwave safe. Lid is not.
  • Vessel should not touch sides of microwave
  • Use caution, contents and vessel may be hot after reheating

Oven Safe:

  • Max 350F/ 176C degrees.
  • For reheating only.
  • Not intended or designed for baking or cooking.
  • Vessel only is oven safe. Lid is not.
  • Use caution, contents and vessel may be hot after reheating.